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Extensive field experience and an in depth working knowledge of the intricacies of construction in the oil and gas industry.

From concept through to completion, we understand all aspects of pipeline and facility construction.

We bring integrity to your project by ensuring compliance with current regulations, industry standards, environmental guidelines and safety processes. 

We confidently oversee and assure the timely execution of your capital project regardless of size or complexity.

Our Procurement Personnel manage the purchase of project assets and ensure your Material Receiving & Handling Guidelines are followed to your specifications and in accordance with the project schedule.

Hire the best, period.


Not just filling boots, fulfilling futures 

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oil & gas tanks

Managing projects of any complexity

We take your trust in us seriously. It’s what we built our reputation on.

BLACK GOLD Projects Inspection manages quality people and provides quality service - it’s what we’ve been recognized for in the oil and gas industry since 1967.

Our core competencies in construction management, pipeline and facilities supervision and inspection, and Quality Assurance/Quality Control are unmatched in the industry because we take extra care in developing our team of highly specialized, industry approved inspections professionals. We’re known for our expertise and integrity, and providing practical and workable solutions, but at the heart, we are relationship builders. We value solid, long-standing partnerships, and appreciate the opportunity to expand our client base and develop new associations.

Whatever your specific project requirements, we’re equipped to help you make it happen.


Call us today to find out how our range of professional services can become your competitive advantage.

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We staff your projects with the highest quality inspections professionals in the business. 

At BLACK GOLD Projects Inspection, we take extra care in developing our team of highly specialized, industry approved inspections professionals which means we offer complete premium field services at the local level.

Every team member is vetted to ensure their credentials meet our strict quality standards.  Certifications are validated, tickets are verified, past supervisory references are investigated, drug and motor vehicle reports are checked for a clean record, and strengths, experience and expertise are evaluated.

Our core group of inspectors has been with the company for over 20 years.  As a loyal team, we encourage continuous improvement and we rely upon each other’s experience and expertise.  We support our inspectors while they’re out in the field, so you are assured to receive consistent and competent service.

All of this effort on our part saves you time and money.  You know you are getting the absolute best value and depth of experience when you partner with Black Gold.  We stake our reputation on it.

Workers at Gas Plant

Communication and personal interactions are critical.

Our style is honest and straightforward, and we’re always approachable.  Our team knows it - as do our clients.

Continuous communication and project coordination are critical to how we do business with you.  By establishing a consistent and transparent rapport, we easily overcome any challenges to ensure your project’s momentum is maintained.

Client satisfaction is why we are in business.  We personally follow-up with you every few weeks to ensure your project is proceeding according to plan. 

Our documentation and evaluations are timely, we maintain exacting schedules and prepare proper reports, and we have the technical knowledge and experience to provide you with advice and recommendations to optimize and streamline the efficiency of your processes.

Engaging with you in a personal, hands-on, one-on-one manner is what drives us and our team to do our best.  Whatever comes up, we are here to support and optimize your business.

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