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The                              Difference


We think communication and personal interaction are critical.Our style is honest and straightforward, and we’re always approachable.  Our team knows it - as do our clients.

Continuous communication and project coordination are critical to how we do business with you.  By establishing a consistent and transparent rapport, we easily overcome any challenges to ensure your project’s momentum is maintained. Client satisfaction is why we are in business.  We personally follow-up with you every few weeks to ensure your project is proceeding according to plan.  Our documentation and evaluations are timely, we maintain exacting schedules and prepare proper reports, and we have the technical knowledge and experience to provide you with advice and recommendations to optimise and streamline the efficiency of your processes. Engaging with you in a personal, hands-on, one-on-one manner is what drives us and our team to do our best.  Whatever comes up, we are here to support and enhance your business.

We care. About our people, our partners and our planet.

Caring about our team and our partners is fundamental to making sure everyone’s objectives are achieved.

Our initial priority is to send you the right type of high quality inspector(s), scaled to meet your project needs. 

Whether your requirements are specific to a particular phase, or you require a full service team to cover all disciplines, no matter the type or size of your project, we have the capacity to provide the most valuable and comprehensive inspection services to oversee it.

As we see it, our objective is to help our oil and gas industry clients maximize their construction investment. 

We do so by employing our extensive knowledge of industry best practices and applying our collective base of hands-on practical knowledge throughout the development of your project including the upfront design phase.  The result is timely delivery of industry standardized projects with high value and integrity.

By Identifying potential leaks, emissions and other environmental hazards, companies who hire our inspectors can rest assured we are taking proactive measures to prevent pollution and minimize ecological footprints.

We have the highest standards.

As we see it, our standards are strict because it’s our responsibility to be diligent, organized, and methodical; it’s how we approach everything we do. In other words, we expect perfection and we do everything in our power to attain it.  Our internal service and safety standards ensure a consistent level of quality and effectiveness in the delivery of our projects inspection services.

We are a steady group of professionals, we work together, and we are experts in our field of service.  On time and on budget isn’t just talk - we actually mean it.  When you work with Black Gold, you are taken care of - that’s our commitment to you.

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